Client Services

Emergency Services

Emergency services are provided to seniors who have an existing home situation that threatens the health or welfare of the applicant. Examples of assistance provided include payments to vendors for heating fuel purchase, payments to prevent utilities from being turned off, payments for emergency housing during eviction or homelessness and payments for prescription medications. Completed applications are accepted by walk in or mail.

Title III Employment Service

The Employment Coordinator with the help of and/or Administrative Assistant will assist Title III candidates with resume writing, employment leads and refer them to facilities such as Virginia Employment Commission, Goodwill Employment Services and non-profit entities that will provide job assistance and listings.

Medication Management

Older adults receive assistance with obtaining prescription medications and medication information.  Clients receiving this service are assessed using the agency’s quick form.

Public Information & Education

Older persons, their caregivers and the general public are provided information and education about programs, services and resources to help meet senior and caregiver needs.

Socialization & Recreation

Supervised leisure activities such as arts & crafts, day trips, regular exercise, music and art therapy, and games are provided at the senior center and other community establishments to aid in the mental and physical well-being of senior citizens.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are recruited throughout central Virginia by word of mouth and other non-profit agencies as well as by speaking engagements and the distribution of flyers. The volunteers work throughout the area in food pantries, Meals on Wheels programs, hospitals and nursing homes.