In-Home Services

Adult Day Care

This community based service provides a variety of health, social and related services to functionally and/or health impaired senior citizens in a supervised, day support setting. The service delivery element includes licensure by VDSS, full UAI assessments and care plan completed by the day care, service agreement and meal provision.


The Homemaker program provides in-home assistance to impaired elderly persons who are incapable of adequate care of their home environment. Tasks include basic housekeeping such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping; personal laundry and ironing. The Homemaker program requires the client be present in the home during their scheduled appointment.

Residential Repair & Renovation

Repairs or modifications to the homes of seniors that are essential to the health and safety of the older occupants. The type of repairs or modification may include structural repairs, electrical and plumbing repairs, weatherization, accessibility modifications, security modifications, yard work and home maintenance essential to maintaining the health and safety of the older person.